Here are some basic descriptions of cooking styles found in Bengali and American kitchens.

Anything cooked in an oven.

Anything pan or deep fried in oil.

Anything steamed.

Anything baked or boiled that is mashed (typically by hand), and mixed with mustard oil, salt, diced onions, and green chili or burnt, dried red chili peppers.

Anything cooked stove top over slow heat.

Meat (typically goat or lamb) or poultry marinated in yogurt, then cooked in layers with basmati rice, potatoes, fried onions, and rich spices. The dish is of Mughal origin.

Any food cooked in boiling water.

Any type of meat, poultry, or fish cooked by direct intense heat either in a grill or oven.

Any food cooked over high heat so that it turns brown.

Any type of dish of various ingredients that is cooked slowly in an oven.

A vegetable dish in which the vegetables are cut in long pieces or stalks, lightly seasoned, and stir fried over high heat first and then simmered to allow the vegetables to be cooked fully.

Any type of meat, poultry, or fish cooked on a grill over a charcoal fire.

A deep fried, bread crumb crusted mashed potato/fish cake (with or without filling).

Anything cooked in a sauce of mixed spices & herbs.

Any mixed vegetable or lentil dish cooked  with fish, meat, or poultry.

Anything cooked in a thin, light sauce, with green chilies added at the end, similar to a curry.

Any meat or poultry that is marinated in herbs and spices and cooked over slow heat, baked or grilled.

Any type of meat or fish cooked in a sauce in the shape of a ball similar to a meatball.

Typically poultry cooked in a yogurt based sauce.

Any type of food (typically eggs or fish) cooked by submerging in boiling liquid.

Anything baked or cooked by direct exposure to heat.

Anything fried lightly in fat (or oil) in a pan.

Any fish, poultry, or meat browned quickly over high heat so that it retains its juices.

Any type of mixed vegetable, meat or poultry cooked over slow heat in a covered pot.

Anything fried over high heat while briskly stirred.

Any meat or poultry marinated in a yogurt based sauce and baked in a clay oven.

Any type of deep fried cake made of mashed fish, lentils, potatoes, or meat. Similar to a chop.

Any type of mixed vegetable dish.